A Must-See for Beginners: 4 Tips for Jewelry Styling

Tired of impulsive buying after being hooked by an online jewelry advertisement or making a hasty purchase looking at Instagram influencer profiles but end up clueless on how to match it with your outfit? We have compiled four essential techniques to end your misery! 

Speaking fashion sense, if you want to bring your style to the next level, jewelry will be one of your best choices. Jewelry has always been an excellent way to light up your outfit. By incorporating jewelry, you can make even the most basic outfit look glam, like shining a spotlight on yourself in the crowd. It also brings vitality to what you thought was out of style collection in your closet. 

Accessorizing is all about balance. Ponder a little on your style, take a closer look at what's in your closet and utilize the following four tips. As long as you choose the right jewelry, balance is easy to achieve.


How to Choose Jewelry: 4 Practical Styling Tips


1. A Timeless Classic:

If you are new to styling and feel overwhelmed by the abundance of selection of jewelry, go for something versatile and timeless, such as petite solitaire studs, hoop earrings, or delicate pendant necklaces, all of which can go with multiple outfits. When you are ready to go more advanced, create balance by changing colors or sizes, such as larger or heavier hoop earrings, or layer on your pendants with something subtle but in trend to dominate your look.


2. Light Up Your Outfit with Colors and Pattern:

Clothes in bright colors and exaggerated patterns can be difficult to work into your wardrobe, but fun and vibrant jewelry are a great way to elevate that simple, plain outfit. For example, the ever-popular white plain T and denim jeans, paired with a colorful beaded bracelet, or soft clayed earrings with floral patterns, can easily create this year's Y2K retro and child-like look.


3. Choose a Focus:

If your necklace and earrings are both packed with heavy details, it is easy to cause too much emphasis on the overall look hence blurring the focus. A good choice would be to pick a statement piece that makes you feel great and mix it up with various smaller pieces of jewelry. For example, pairing the gorgeous rhinestone hoop earrings with a delicate single-diamond choker, or just a heavy gold necklace would draw attention straight to where you want it to be yet not too intentional. Try out different styles, and mix it up until you bring out the "you" in you but not until you have mastered the basic concept of outfit styling. 


4. Use Jewelry to Transform an Outfit:

Getting ready for Friday night drinks with friends after work? Jewelry is an easy way to take an outfit from the office to a bar. For instance, a classic little black dress looks work-appropriate when paired with a blazer and flats. Ditch the blazer, swap the flats for heels, and add a pair of statement earrings or a cocktail ring, voilà! Have a few go-to jewelry ready for those occasions when you are not able to do a full outfit change yet changing your outfit. 

Final Notes

We hope you now have a better idea of how to style your outfits with jewelry. Remember, practice makes perfect, and you too can be an expert in styling.