The Brand

SH & Co. Jewelry is a meticulously and mindfully curated platform where you can find unique and authentic jewelry collections from around the world. Based in Taipei, our team works closely with carefully selected international designers, setting a stage for them to exhibit their concepts and craftsmanship, delivering exquisite and contemporary jewelry pieces to our customers worldwide.

Our Philosophy

At SH & Co., jewelry isn't just accessories. On the contrary, we believe it should be the spotlight in which it depicts one's character and style that brings confidence and positivity. Submerging in that bit of narcissist type of joy you get when glancing at your jewelry impulsively, careless of what others think.

Everyone has a little narcissism in them, and it's not necessarily negative. Instead, we think it should be exploited through jewelry, conspicuous yet obscure. That is why we focus on aesthetically high-quality chic pieces, suitable for every occasion that never goes out of style.