How to Style Earrings According to Your Face Type

Given the ample choices of earrings available on the market, it is sometimes easy to commit common mistakes and ignore some of the basic rules when matching your face type with the correct earrings. Similar to apparel, just because a pair of earrings looks awesome doesn't mean they will look great on you.

But when chosen wisely, earrings can accentuate your best features while covering your flaws, as well as add color and personality to an outfit. It is important to choose earrings that complement your natural beauty rather than choosing the ones that are ‘in style’.

The best way to choose earrings is to look at your face shape. A simple way to determine the natural shape of your face, pull back your hair, and in a mirror, trace your face’s outline using soap or lipstick. For a more accurate assessment, follow the guide below.

Main Types of Earrings 

Before we go into the "how", let's take a step back and talk about the common categorization of earrings.

  1. Drop - Elegant and usually falls below the ear.

  2. Dangle - Similar to drop but approximately half an inch longer. 

  3. Chandelier - Specially shaped and multiple lines of gemstones.

  4. Stud - Tiny and versatile, suitable for many occasions.

  5. Hoops - Simple circular earrings that come in different sizes.

  6. Cluster - As the name suggests, features a cluster of gemstones.

  7. Huggie Hoop - Also called Huggies, are hoops with a band of gemstones.

Types of Face Shapes and How to Determine Yours 

To determine your face shape more precisely, take the following measurements (in inches or centimeters)

  1. Forehead Width:

    Pull the tape measure from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite arch of the other eyebrow.

  2. Cheekbones Width:

    Measure across your upper cheeks, starting and ending at the sharp bump below the outer corner of each eye.

  3. Jawline Width:

    Measure your jaw across your face at its widest point (about an inch down from your ears).

  4. Face Length: Measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

It might be easier to have someone else do this for you, and the iPhone has a handy measuring tape app built into it if you don't have a flexible measuring tape. 

Record these four measurements. Note which is the largest, and compare it to some of the common face shape categorizations below to determine your face shape.

6 different types of face shape

  • Diamond Face

    - A diamond face is made up of a narrow forehead and chin, with the eyes and cheekbones being the widest part of the face.

  • Oval Face

    - Face length is larger than the width of the cheekbones, and the forehead is larger than the jawline. The angle of the jaw is rounded.

  • Round Face

    - Cheekbones and face length have a similar measurement. They are larger than the forehead and jawline, which also have a similar measurement. The angle of the jaw is soft.

  • Heart-Shaped Face

    - You have a pointed chin and your forehead is broader than the width of your jawline, creating a heart.

  • Long, Narrow Face

    - Face length is the largest. Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in size.

  • Square Face - All measurements are fairly similar. The angle of the jaw is sharp.

Now that you have determined your face shape, refer to the table below to find out which type of earring suits you best!

3 types of face shape match with different types of earrings

Diamond Face - This face shape has comparatively more widths and angles. Balancing it out is best achieved by keeping your earrings simple. Choose a classic pair of stud earrings to make your strong features the main character of the story. Long earrings that just end above the chin will also be an ideal choice. Avoid wearing overstated curves and diamond-shaped earrings as they might overemphasize the widest part of your face.

Oval Face - Congratulations! You can wear almost any shape! But triangular earrings or simple studs will show off your lovely cheekbones best! Oval shape dangling earrings look amazing on you as they will accentuate the face without adding any width or length. You will also look stunning  wearing tear-drop earrings.

Round Face - Drop or dangle earrings will elongate your face and make it look slimmer. Avoid large circular earrings, hoops, and button studs which will only emphasize the roundness. Chandelier earrings also go well for this face type. All in all, stay away from round-shaped earrings!

3 types of face shape match with different types of earrings

Heart-Shaped Face - In this case, you need to counterbalance your sharp chin with chandelier or teardrop earrings. Earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top help fill in the lower portion of your face and balance the round top of the face. Stay away from wearing slim drop earrings as they will draw attention to your chin.

Long, Narrow Face - Suitable for studs, clustered earrings, short dangles, hoops in a medium to large size. Any type of round earrings will widen your face, and make it look fuller which is probably what you want. Even the elongated curves in the earrings are preferable because they will highlight the cheekbones by minimizing the length of the face. Try to avoid wearing sleek and very long earrings as they will make your face look longer.

Square Face - Go for earrings that are medium to long with rounded edges. Oval, circular, and hoop earrings work well to soften up your angular features. Even trendy oversized hoops will make a good option for you. Stay away from square shapes as this will make your face look too sharp. 

Final Notes 

The rule of thumb is to choose the earrings that are opposite to the features of your face and you likely won't go wrong. Now that you have the fundamentals of styling earrings based on face shapes, we hope you rock those earrings and shine in every occasion!